Thursday, June 14, 2012

Linking Up at Scribblings

I'm linking up with Anne-girl at Scribblings of my Pen for a June Crusade tag... check it out here.

1. What is your word count now?
76, 214--and no, I didn't do that all during the month of June! I started writing this story (Only a Novel) in November 2011 and now I'm just wrapping it up.

2. What is your favorite paragraph so far?
Hard call.  I like pretty much all of them--if I didn't, I wouldn't be writing this thing. :P Maybe this one.

Elizabeth put down her pen and stared moodily at the wall. Heroines in novels always gazed wistfully out of the window, but the tiny table in her tiny bedroom faced the wall, not the window.

3. When you are writing what is your favorite song to listen too? Not theme song for your book but favorite song for while you're writing?
I've been really enjoying Rose's Theme from the Titanic soundtrack lately-- definitely don't endorse the movie, but the music's great!

4. Do you love your villains or do you relish hating them?
I relish hating my villain.  Indubitably. :D

5. What was your very first piece of free writing?
Heh.  I wrote a twenty-page Bobbsey Twins fan-fiction at the age of five. I still have it.  It utilized all my vocabulary words and told an amazingly epic story about a blueberry-picking contest.  The story took place at Thanksgiving.  I was not exceptionally well acquainted with produce seasons when I was in kindergarten. :P

6. What was your first completed piece of fiction?
Um, does the above story count?  If not, then probably a journal-form novel that I wrote in sixth grade entitled Laundry for Abraham Lincoln.  I cringe when I see that thing now.  Trust me.

7. What are some of the plot bunnies that you are being teased with right now?
Accck.  There are way too many.  An idea for a contemporary mystery is niggling at the back of my brain (I even have the entire PLOT mapped out, for crying out loud!) and I'm also being bothered by The Rochesters, a rambling-ish story about a large family living by a lake in Michigan.  And there are more, but I'm not quite ready to discuss them yet. ;)

8. What is your strategy for writers' block?
"When the going gets tough, the tough get going."
Heehee.  That is my lofty sentiment.  In reality, I tend to procrastinate or mope until an idea comes along.   If I'm in a really industrious frame of mind, I'll work and work until I snap out of the block, but that doesn't happen so often as I should wish.  Perhaps it's because I do not take the trouble of practicing.

9. If you could meet one famous author which one would you pick?
Jane Austen.  "Thank you, my dear.  I think we have all apprehended that much." ~Mr. Palmer, Sense and Sensibility, 1995

10. Who is your favorite secondary character so far?
In Only a Novel, you mean? Probably Mercy Burke, the hero's little sister.  She's tremendously fun... and she wandered into the story completely by accident.  I had just realized that all the principal characters in my story were only children, so I gave Rodney a sister just for kicks (Beverly Cleary did the same thing in a Henry Huggins book and thus Ramona Quimby was created).  And Mercy managed to worm her way into a very significant position in the plot, and now I'm not sure what I would have done without her. :D

Mercy (Tamzin Merchant)

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