Saturday, October 27, 2012

Half begun is well done (or something like that)

Okay, so it's actually "Well begun is half done, otherwise entitled Let's Tidy Up the Nursery."  But I'm paraphrasing it for my own devices.  (Name the movie the quote comes from, can you?)

Last year I did NaNoWriMo.  The full challenge: 50,000 words in the month of November.  It was grueling, it was fun, it was exhausting, it was invigorating, it was mind-numbing, it was inspiring, and it took a HUGE chunk of my time.  

This year, I can't do NaNo.  This weird thing called Life has zoomed down upon me, snatched up my spare time and kidnapped it for its own uses.  I'm doing ransom negotiations but those things take time, and since time is exactly what I lack at present, I'm getting nowhere fast.  

However.  Seeing all the excitement over NaNo that's brewing and stewing around the blogosphere is making me itch to participate.  And so I... have a plan.

("Oh, Percy, do be SERIOUS!"
"I am serious.  Deadly serious.")

Introducing Half NaNo
November 1-30, 2012

-You must commit to write 25,000 words for a novel you have previously started.  The ideal project is one that you have already outlined but has suffered from lack of inspiration.
-You must put the button below on your blog if you wish to participate in Half NaNo and refer to it as such.
-You are invited (but not required) to leave your blog URL in a comment on this post so I can link to you-- I'd like to have a list of participants on my sidebar.
-You must enjoy yourself and do this because you want to-- if you do it from a sense of duty or obligation or "well, I really SHOULD get at least SOME writing done" then you're doing it wrong.

Oh, and if you care to hop over here during November and tell us all how you're doing, that wouldn't be a bad idea either.  

Happy scribbling... The Rochesters and I will see you on November 1st!


Melody said...

Where did you get that swellissimus pictuhe for the button? :D

Miss Melody Muffin said...

Amy, you're terrific!!!

You see, I've never done NaNo. I wanted to last year but it didn't work out and I was really hoping I'd get the chance this year. But as November drew closer and closer, it looked as if I would be too busy to do it. However, I was planning to up my word count goal for each day- from 200 to between 500 and 1,000. And then along you come with a button and turn it into an event and make it even more fun! :)

That Thing called Life and I have an ongoing argument about how much of my time it should monopolize, er, kidnap. Let me know if you figure out how to negotiate with it. :)

My place is here, I fight with you!!!!!

I'm in, all the way, m'dear! I'll be working on my Three Kyngdoms novel, or possibly Quara....

You're working on The Rochesters? That'll be fun to follow along with!

Oh, and the quote is from Mary Poppins. I love it, and the song that follows it! And the quote, 'I told you she was tricky.'

Blog URL:

I'm going to do a post promoting this today or tomorrow.

Hurrah for November and Half NaNo!!

Abby said...

What an excellent idea! Using November as an excuse to get some writing done and set some word goals is great.

I don't really have enough time to be doing Nano either, but I said that last year and managed to find the time somehow! I'm yet to do the full 50,000 (a challenge for next year, I think!) so this year I'm doing the Young Writers Program, aiming for 35,000 words.

I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on with the Rochesters!


Miss Dashwood said...

Pinterest, dearling. Where I get everything these days. :P I think I snagged it from one of Rachel's boards.

Miss Melody,
YAY! You're joining! Being strong and standing with me! *throws confetti* This is going to be FUN.

Have fun! I can't wait to read about your progress!

Molly said...

I'd love to participate! It sounds like a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...


I was seriously thinking about doing something like this and inviting people on my blog to do it. : )

I'll try to get the picture up asap, but I'm going camping this weekend. (There goes three precious days of writing time!! Hey, wait a sec.... Who said I can't bring my laptop? *evil laugh*)

Here's my blog address:

Have fun? Is that really a rule? Wow. SWEET!!

And Alec and Nikki and I will be awaiting all y'all - that's everyone plus everyone else - here and give you updates every so often. : ) (Yup, *that* Alec and Nikki. Silly characters... they don't want me to stop writing their story! And now this thought of a sequel.... Tsk, tsk.)


Mykaela said...

The "Tidy Up the nursery" saying comes from Mary Poppins (practically puhfect in every way). I will be watching for all you writers' novels! :)