Monday, December 23, 2013

Angels with Crossbows and Pillows That Hound People

{{otherwise known as Snippets of Story for December, all of which are taken from How It Began With the Rochesters, which will begin to undergo edits on January 1st.  HUZZAH.}}

“That’s so romantic,” Celia sighed, temporarily forgetting her worry.  “She thinks of the most romantic things sometimes.  Almost makes up for all the frightfully unromantic things she and George do together.  The very idea of a bride and groom making butterscotch cookies for their own wedding reception-- in t-shirts and dungarees, no less.  Where is the poetry in that?”
~chapter 22

“We’re not hitchhikers.”  Francie straightened her blouse and dabbed at her hair, just in case the driver of the approaching car-- no, actually, it was a pickup truck-- was of an attractive sort.
“Geoooooooorge is,” said Celia sweetly.
“Hey,” protested George.  “I’m merely rescuing all you helpless peasants from the dragon of spending the night on the picnic table.  Would you prefer to be the one to ride with a stranger into town?”
~chapter 20

“You could make Alice’s wedding cake, too,” Mark suggested, stealthily swiping a drip of frosting hanging off the edge of Francie’s plate.  “Only with white frosting, so they can put angels with crossbows on the top or whatever it is you put on wedding cakes."
~chapter 10

“Now, Daddy, pillows don’t hound people,” said Celia indulgently, “and besides, Alice and George’s guest room is going to be full of books because the living room is too small for a bookcase, remember?”
“Now, Celia,” Uncle Arnold mimicked, “you have never slept in your Great-Aunt Delores’ guest room and do not know the treacherous character of some cross-stitched pillows, and besides, the lack of space in Alice and George’s guest room will be of no consequence to the grammar school teachers and their kind, thoughtful gifts.  Wait and see.”
~chapter 20

“And only one limb lost to the Loch Cedar Monster,” said Mark brightly, stepping aside to reveal Timmy standing with one leg tucked up under him.  “I’d say this was a successful Fourth of July, all around.  Better than last year, anyway.”
Sylvia knew better by now than to encourage him, but she couldn’t help asking through her laughter.  “What happened last year?”
“Ah, yes, last year,” Celia chimed in, shaking her head sorrowfully.  “Poor Cornelius. It’s just not the same without him.  He was such a good, kind brother, unlike some I could mention...”
~chapter 11

"Mark, for heaven's sake wash your neck already.  You just can't look like that out in the public."
~chapter 13

“Francie already told me not to let him within fifteen feet of Alice’s dress.  How’m I supposed to know how far fifteen feet is without a tape measure?”
~chapter 22

"You cry at the end of everything. You cried at the end of Treasure Island, for heaven's sake."
~chapter 19


Molly said...

I love the Rochesters! :D

Anonymous said...

The PUBLIC!!! : D

Okay, you need to get this finished already so I can buy it. Do I need to send you some chocolate???


Natalie said...

This sounds like it's going to be one of the best books ever!!

Katherine Sophia said...

I always love these snippets...looking forward to someday buying the finished novel! :D

Anonymous said...

Miss Dashwood, your characters are the bomb-diggety.

. . . And only one limb lost to the Loch Cedar Monster,” said Mark brightly, stepping aside to reveal Timmy standing with one leg tucked up under him. “I’d say this was a successful Fourth of July, all around. . . "

I laughed aloud. I adore these snippets!

Maddie Rose said...

Oh! Another book! I was so hoping you would do one. I loved Only a Novel. This sounds just as wonderful. I hope it will be available to buy soon! What must we say to convince you to have it for the public, Miss Dashwood?