Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Beautiful People, June {Archive} Edition: Christine Pelham

 There aren't any new Beautiful People questions for this month's edition, so I delved into the archives at Skye's blog and came up with some old questions to use for my newest heroine.  Christine Pelham is the MC of my contemporary mystery novel (not a genre I ever thought I'd write, but it's been swellissimus so far) and since I don't know too much about her yet, this was a great way to find out more.

(Special thanks to Kiri Liz of Lianne Taimenlore, who unwittingly provided me with the face I needed for Christine.  I'd never heard of Miranda Otto before I saw Kiri's profile picture, but when I saw the picture of Eowyn from LOTR on Kiri's profile last week, I knew I'd found the actress I was looking for.  Yay for character casting!  Oh, and some of these pictures are of Miranda Otto when she was in her early 30's-- Christine's actually only 20.  So, um, pretend she's younger, 'kay? Thanks.)

What kind of music does she like?

Classical and a lot of Broadway.  Songs from Les Miserables especially.  Can't imagine where she gets THAT...

Does she like to go outside?

Ye-esssss... but she's so fair-skinned, she gets sunburned really easily.  So she has to be careful.  And now that she's spending a week at the Outer Banks in preparation for her friend's wedding, she's wearing about six coats of sunblock so she won't look like a boiled lobster in a bridesmaid dress when the Big Day arrives.

Is she naturally curious?

Indubitably.  But she's also cautious.  She's the kind of girl who'll say, "No, you ask," when she wants to know something.  She doesn't leap before she looks.   When a house mysteriously burns to the ground during the Beach Week, it's Christine's best friend Laura who wants to go all Tuppence Beresford and find out what happened.  Christine's more inclined to let the police sort it out... until the police arrest the wrong person.  DUHN DUHN DUHN.

Right, or left handed?


Favorite color?

Powder blue, which is fortunate because that's the color of her bridesmaid dress.  Since her favorite color tends to change every few weeks, the powder blue thing may or may not actually be a result of the dress. :)

Where is he/she from?

You would have to ask that.  Um.  Ohio.  A little town in Ohio.  It's not important because her whole story takes place away from home anyways.

Any enemies?

Not a one.  Not a one that she knows of, that is. Christine tends to get along with people.

What are her quirks?

Her left ring finger is crooked. Is that a quirk?  Sure it is-- it's a quirk in her finger.  Most people wouldn't notice it unless they're staring at her hands, but it bothers her because she'd like to wear a diamond on that finger someday, and she's afraid it will look funny.  Also, she always unties her shoes before putting them on.  No sliding into pre-tied sneakers for Christine.

What kinds of things get on her nerves?

She can't stand it when someone scrapes their fingernails against one of those upholstered chairs they have in hotels and whatnot.  It makes a horrible sound.  She also hates it when people talk with their mouths full.

Is she independent, or needs others to help out?

Definitely needs others to help her out, but in a crisis she can be depended upon.

Wow, I love Beautiful People.  That took me less than ten minutes and now I know much more about my MC than I did ten minutes ago.  *happy sigh*


Melody said...

Ooooh, new stuff this is!!

Um... I was afraid Les Miz would slip its way into what of your books soon.

So this is a genre you never thought you'd write, eh? Haha. That's me too. But so far I haven't.

Ha, I always untie shoes before putting them on, too. Sometimes I do it before I take them off to save time later. But not usually. And I don't usually wear that kind anyways. :P

Looking forward to hearing more about this story. You said you would. So now you must. :D

Alexandra said...

YAYAYAYAYY!!! She looks perfect!!!

And I LOVE the Les Miz references. Soooo love. Putting wee references in my stories are my specialty. :-P

Kiri Liz said...

The knowledge that I have unwittingly provided assistance to a fellow blogger has made my day! I was happy to be of service, even though I had no idea I was rendering a service at all! :)

Ooh! Christine sounds like just the sort of person that I'd love to meet! Classical and Broadway... yay!! And it *is* most annoying when people display chewed edibles in their mouths while talking.

An Old-Fashioned Girl said...

Christine's story sounds very interesting! Write away, Amy dear!

Molly said...

Is Christine in a new book you're writing? If so, what is it called?

Miss Melody Muffin said...

Contemporary mystery!! I love mysteries!!!

Miranda Otto!! She is a fantastic actress and so pretty!

Hayden said...

oooh, I can't wait for more of this story! I love mysteries!