Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Can't Become a Writer...

... by character casting on Pinterest.

... by listening to inspiring music.

... by reading lots of great literature.

... by having late-night chats with Sister Dear about troublesome plot holes.

... by doing Beautiful People.

... by reading and re-reading On Writing Well.

... by reading writing blogs.

... by collecting writerly quotes.

... by complaining about writers' block.

I can become a writer in just one way... by writing.

*closes Internet and opens Microsoft Word*


Melody ________________________________ said...

*Gulp of conviction.*

Maria Elisabeth said...

*clears throat*

Forgive me if I am very impertinent, I did notice that you posted a different post barely half an hour after this one. So did the Internet get re-opened again pretty quick?

Um, that WAS impertinent. Just kidding.

But this is a very good reminder. I'd better open Microsoft Word myself. I haven't opened it to write something for more than a month. Talking about writing does not a writer make.

Miss Dashwood said...

Maria, m'dear, have you come heauh to be IMPEHTINENT???

Heehee. There's a TSP quote for everything, 'twould seem... and to answer your question, the period drama post that went up shortly after was a pre-scheduled one. :P Many of my posts are like that, in point of fact.

Jessica said...

TOUCHE!!!! *claps hand and cheers* *gives hug* Follows example...

Anonymous said...

Great post, Miss Dashwood! I laughed aloud at those two women talking about writing novels about a freelance writer who reads blogs! Um, yeah, I'm going to - ahem - go back to my Word document *sheepish grin*. :-)

A fellow writer,


An Old-Fashioned Girl said...

You've convicted me!