Saturday, November 10, 2012

Check-In the Second

Has it really been an entire week since the last check-in?  Well, if time flies when you're having fun it must also fly when you're pulling your hair out to find time to write.

Unfortunately I didn't quite meet my 6,000 word goal this week, but I came very close.  The stats...

Word Count When This Piece of Craziness Began: 8,536
Total Word Count As Of Now:  17,380
Final Word Count Goal: 33,536
Daily Word Count Goal: 1,000
Average Daily Word Count: 953
Words Remaining: 16,156

Challenge Taken This Week: I followed my own command and wrote in a person I encountered this week-- to be specific, the little boy I nanny/babysit every Monday.  He's a darling, but is prone to frequent bouts of crying if he's too long away from his mother, which is a bit of a frustration each week.  So it was great fun to channel that frustration into an entire chapter about a baby who will not. stop. crying.
Perhaps he’d lost his hold on the bunny blanket.  She dropped the rest of the silverware onto the counter—it didn’t matter now, he was awake anyway—and hurried to the nursery.  Give him back his blanket, roll him over on his side so he’ll go back to sleep. She could do this.  It wasn’t as if he was howling.  He was just… crying.
The noise subsided as she got closer—perhaps he had gone back to sleep.  Or perhaps he was comforted by the sound of footsteps nearing.  It was nice to think that a baby might be comforted by her presence.  She could handle this; she was responsible.  But as she peeped over the edge of the crib and made eye contact with Isaac, he immediately set up a howl.  It was most definitely a howl this time, a howl of the most howlish sort.  Wolves, she reflected, might take lessons from this child.
Favorite Snippet Written This Week:

“This isn’t the right stuff,” said Celia, taking a long, deep sniff from the bottle of hairspray she held.  “What on earth is this anyway, Francie?”
“Hairspray,” said Francie dryly.  “I realize the label is in Mandarin Chinese, so it would make sense that you would have to ask—”
Celia pursed her lips.  “Come on, Francie, I know it says hairspray, but you and Alice kind of have just the tiniest tendency to reuse bottles.  Don’t you remember the time you put talcum powder in an old cornstarch container and the gravy was absolutely disgusting?”
Challenge for Next Week: Put a pirate in your story.  It doesn't matter how-- have him sail into the nearest harbor for real, or let him appear in a pretend game, or even mention that someone's reading a book about him.  Whoever he is, make sure to give him a name and at least a sentence or two, somewhere in your story.  An eye patch is optional but recommended.

Did you do last week's challenge?  How'd your week go overall?  Do share in the comments!


Melody said...

OOOOOPS I completely forgot about the challenge this week! Sigh. What a sad girl I am. Well, the fact is that a lot of characters in my story are based off peeps I sort of know in some respect, haha. But anyways. The pirate idea sounds interesting... I shall be thinking it over. Actually, I already have an idea. But I'll think it over anyways and see if I can come up with a bettah one. Heeehee.

I think I got about 6,016 words this week. :D I feel pleased with myself. I always do, when it's after my completion for the day. Before that I never feel very pleased with myself. Hahahaha.

Heehee. Crying baby. Heeheehee.

I'm scared about the hairspray thing. Heh. :P

Miss Melody Muffin said...

I have so much to catch up on!!! I was definitely scrambling to find time to write this week. In order to catch up, I'll have to write about 2,300 words a day this week, instead of 1,000.

I did not do last week's challenge but I think I'll do this week's.

I cracked up over the hairspray snippet!

I guess I'd better get started writing!

Molly said...

I enjoyed last week's challenge! It was really fun, I made up a new ice-skater.

Hahaha, I loved the snippets about the gravy and Isaac. :)

I did my word count for this week, thankfully. I was afraid I wasn't going to make it, because some of the writing was like wading through waist-deep slush.

Anonymous said...

A word count for the week... Good. Idea. I need to do that! Seriously, I think I've only written like 3k words! Sigh. The good thing is that I just finished one of the last major scenes before the climax, so, muahahaha, I'm almost done. WOOT! The end is in sight!

Loved your snippets!! I'll have to put some on my blog... maybe. : )

A pirate. Wow. I didn't do the first challenge (whoops...), but I think I'll have to do this. Now, just to find a place to put in a pirate. : )