Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fourth Check-in {and the Half NaNo tag!}

This was what I was supposed to be doing this week.

And this is what I actually did this week...

{spending time with family}

I am seriously embarrassed to tell you what my word count was for this week.  But I am a good girl, I am, and an honest one to boot, soooo...

I wrote 2,544 words this week.  

*cowers in shame*

This means my stats are as follows.

Word Count When This Piece of Craziness Began: 8,536
Total Word Count As Of Now:  25,045
Final Word Count Goal: 33,536
Daily Word Count Goal: 1,000
Average Daily Word Count: Eh, heh. Heh, heh, heh.
Words Remaining: 8,489

In other words, I have to do 8,489 words this coming week.  From Monday to Friday.  Do you think I can do it?  How about you?  What's your word count?  Are you feeling stressed and strained yet?

Favorite Bit Written This Week:

Francie sighed.  “Taste is immaterial.  Eggs are much less fattening than grilled cheese.”Alice choked back a laugh.  “Oh, Francie, really.  You’re not trying to reduce again, are you?”“Only a little.  For the wedding.  I have my reasons.”Alice raised her eyebrows.  “Well, it’s your lunch.”“You mean your funeral,” said Mark, peering into the pan and reeling back as if he’d been socked.  “If you don’t survive eating that thing, will you leave your bicycle to me?”Francie was saved from an annoyed retort by a thumping knock on the back door.   Alice dropped the plate of sandwiches into Sylvia’s startled hands and flew to get it.  Patsy beamed benevolently.  “It’s George,” she said, a bit after the fact, as Alice reentered the room with a tallish young man and Pumblechook.
Mark and Timmy immediately made kissing noises. 
Challenge Taken  This Week: Gasp! I forgot! 


I'll do it next week.  I promise.  And I won't issue a new challenge this week, but instead I shall give all y'all a tag to fill out.  Everyone loves a tag, right? These things are fun and fun is good.

~What's the name of your project? When did you first come up with the idea? And how long have you been working on it?

~Sum up your novel in five words or less.

~Who is your favorite character?  Tell us about him or her.

~Where does your novel take place?  What time period?

~Do you have a theme song for your story?  What is it?

~What's been the hardest part to write so far?

~Which chapter was your favorite so far?

~Can you share one of your favorite snippets?  (One you haven't shared on your blog already)

~Are any aspects of your story drawn directly from your own life?  Give us an example.  

~Your main character gets dumped into a big city in the modern era (or if you're writing a contemporary work, he/she gets dumped in medieval London).  How does he/she respond?

~Who's the funniest character in your story? Tell us why! Give examples! Support your argument.  :D

~If you were forced to eliminate a character from your story--just wash them clean off the slate--who would it be?

~Do you plan on writing a sequel to your novel?

There you have it! I'm opening this tag to anyone and everyone who wants to participate.  Whether you're doing Half NaNo, full NaNoWriMo, or just writing without a specific challenge, go ahead and fill out the questions if you're interested.  Do please leave a link in the comments so I can see your answers! 


Melody said...

I think you can do it! I do! *hugs* Am I feeling stressed and strained? No more than usual. :P If I've done three weeks I can do the fourth, since I'm not behind... although I did only write 762 words today. My average is still above 1,000 though. Which is why I let myself. :P

But "Eh, heh. Heh, heh, heh." is not a word count. >;D

Yay, tag! I have a suspicion I might be tempted to dodge several of the questions, though. Heh.

Abby said...

I am feeling the strain of NaNo too! I have an almost impossible amount to write by Friday. I would tell you how much I need to write each day to meet my goal, but you would probably faint. Or weep. (I've come pretty close to both)

My main issue is I'm not sure I have enough story to fill the remaining words, so that is slightly troubling. I meant to get ahead this week but it ended up being a whirlwind of school work, concerts and more school work :sigh:

I definitely believe you can meet your goal! Your daily goal won't need to increase too much, so I think it's definitely achievable. Your snippet made me laugh, by the way: I like the sound of the Rochesters!

Now, I probably should get back to writing - best of luck! :)


Anonymous said...

I haven't been writing much, sadly.... : P Anyway, the reasons and etc is in my blog post, where I also answered your tag questions!! So much fun!!

Also, I love your snippet from The Rochesters! I hope you're planning on publishing it.... Are you? Maybe? Need a proof-reader???


Kendra E. Ardnek said...

I've been doing your prompts off and on, even though I attempted to do full NaNo ... (The book I was writing is at 17,000 words, and is likely to stay there until January.)

But, anyways, I did the tag for my other project this month:

Miss Melody Muffin said...

Well, actually you are doing better than me. I have to write a total of almost 11,000 words this week in order to make my total. :) And yes, I'm going to do or die!

I think you can do it, m'dear! Forth into the fray!

I'm not feeling stressed and strained just yet. That could be because I wrote a key scene yesterday and it came out better than it had appeared in my head. Yay!

I didn't do the challenge either. I think I might just stick all the weekly challenges in this week though.

Oooh, a tag! Tags are cool. (Do you know where that quote is from?)

Molly said...

Ooh, a tag! I LOVE tags! I will happily fill it out here:

I am feeling rather stressed about this last week. Too, too busy! But, thankfully, I did make my word count for last week. :)

Melody said...

Here be my tag. :)

Miss Melody Muffin said...

I finally posted my tag!

I meant to tell you earlier, I love the snippet you shard this week, Amy! It's hilarious!

I only have about 5,000 words left to go!!!! I hope to write about 2,000 tonight.