Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Beautiful People: Frances Katharine Rochester

"The words ‘beard’ and ‘good-looking’ should never appear in the same sentence unless there is a ‘not’ between them."
~Francie Rochester

~What is her favorite type of shoes?

Oh, high heels, most indubitably.  Preferably sophisticated black ones.

~Does she journal?

She kept one when she was about eleven for about two days.

~What’s her favorite animal?

To eat or to pet?  For the former, fish-- the latter, dogs.

~What does her average day look like?

During the school year Francie's away at nursing school but this story takes place in the summer, so her day often includes... making oatmeal for eight people unless Alice does it first, working on dress orders from her various clients, going to people's houses for fittings (she's the only dressmaker around who still makes house calls, Celia often points out), doing up the lunch dishes, playing kickball in the backyard, folding laundry, going grocery shopping if it's her week (she and Alice take turns), playing Monopoly with her younger siblings and staying up too late reading Pride and Prejudice.

~Night owl or morning person? (Optional: What time does she usually wake up? Go to bed?)

Night owl for all intents and purposes-- she can be a morning person now and then, usually around the twenty-fifth of December or thereabouts.  What time she wakes up and goes to bed is not being disclosed to the general public.

~Does she have a sweet tooth?

Is the Popemobile Catholic?  Chocolate, please.

~What colors are in her bedroom?

Off-white on the walls and pink curtains at the windows (as opposed to Celia and Patsy's--and Sylvia's--room which is pink on three walls and white on one because they ran out of pink paint).

~Can she cook?

Heh.  Heh, heh, heh.  Um... yes.  Some things, she can cook very well.  Some things, she cannot.

Alice took a spatula and gave a dubious poke to a pan of yellow gook on the stove.  “Francie, if you don’t mind my asking, what is this supposed to be?”
“It’s not supposed to be any thing.  It is an omelet.”  Francie whisked the spatula out of Alice’s hand.  “You don’t have to eat it.”

~What is her favorite household chore?

Scrubbing the bathtub, believe it or not.  You get to run the water really loud and sing Que Sera, Sera at the top of your lungs and if other people yell at you to hush up you can blithely ignore them because of course you can't hear them over the sound of your industrious cleaning.

~Favorite kind of tea?

Earl Grey-- it's classy and kind of romantic and very English, which is just the kind of thing Francie likes.

{{I did Sylvia and Celia's Beautiful People tags quite some time ago, but neither has really changed since then so do go check them out when you get a chance.  :D Mark will be up next.}}


Melody said...

Did the movie that had Que Sera, Sera actually come out before 1956? Wow... haha. (I've seen it before, btw.)

LOVED this one. Francie is swellissimus. :) And I love Earl Grey too. And no, not just because you brought some when you came.
But I won't swear that has nothing to do with it. :D

And for anybody else's benefit, since I already said it to you, I LOVED THE QUOTE AT THE TOP. :)

I hate scrubbing the bathtub even if I can sing. That works better when it's being filled, anyhow. ;D

Christina L said...

I really enjoy these posts! I feel rather silly asking this, but are these your characters or characters from another story? I'm new to your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Sighhhh.... Have I ever mentioned just how much I'm LOVING The Rochesters??? I think Francie may turn out to be my favorite character. : )


Hayden said...

WHAT'S WRONG WITH BEARDS?! Okay, I think that came off a little strong. But I like beards. Just so they're not Duck commander crazy ;)

Although the quote was funny... I'll give you that :)

I am loving this story, dear! And I love your characters :)

Kiri Liz said...

This was epic! Love Francie!! And yes, I'll agree with her that when you sing you cannot hear people yelling at you over the sound of your industrious cleaning. Only... I do that at the sink, and not the bathtub. Shall we say that dishes are more (for lack of a better word) romantic than showerheads? *grins*

Alicia Showalter said...

Oh I like Francie a lot (and I haven't even read the book yet!!)

Haha: She kept a journal for two days when she was around 11! (That sounds familiar.. I am trying to do better though!)
I have never heard Que Sera, Sera
Haha - scrubbing the bathtub (not my favorite chore...) but one can pretend not hear anyone, right? Hmm good point.
And she's a chocolate lover! :D
Okay.. so after reading over my post I am reminded of a funny quote I read "That was funny so I will write LOL so people know that I laughed"
.. And so am I going to stop writing "haha" before every statement? Sorry, probably not because it WAS funny!
Anyways... looking forward to meeting Mark! :D

Oh and BTW I completely agree with Francie on the subject of beards. ;)