Thursday, October 24, 2013

Beautiful People: Mark Elijah Rochester

"The public? Ha.  The public.  You sound like a snooty princess or something.  Maybe we had better say Francie’s public, huh?  The unwashed masses, the madding crowd, the populace we scatter coins to..."
~Mark Rochester

Okay, so there's a bit of a story behind the picture of Mark up here at the top... for the longest time the ONLY image I had of Mark was this one, which I'd found on Pinterest, but there was no name with it and so I had no idea who the boy in the picture was and therefore couldn't go looking for any more images of him.  And I really did want some more pictures because a) the more, the better when you're character casting and b) Mark doesn't generally run around in a medieval tunic.  So the other day I was going by while my sister Molly was on the computer, and she was looking for character pictures for one of HER books, and long story short she demonstrated to me how you can search Google with an image by right-clicking on it.  MIND.  BLOWN.  I had no idea you could do that. Go ahead and laugh, but I've got my Mark pictures now and I know who Charlie Rowe is.  YESSSSSS. 

~What kind of music does he like?

Mark isn't especially musical, but he enjoys singing in the car with his family, generally very loudly and not exactly on-key.  Mindless repetition of "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain," each verse varying slightly in Level of Ridiculousness, is a particular favorite.

~Does he like to go outside?

Absolutely.  Mark is definitely an outdoors person.  He's also an indoors person, too, and like all his siblings has an innate love of reading.

~Is he naturally curious?

Is Sir Percy the Scarlet Pimpernel?

~Right, or left handed?


~Favorite color?

Well, his favorite shirt (the one he wears four or five days out of the week in summer until it is forcibly removed by a sister and put in the washing machine) happens to be red (or at least it used to be red) so we'll go with red.

~Where is he from?

Born and bred in Cedar Lake, Michigan and has lived there all his life.

~Any enemies?

Mark doesn't really have enemies, per se, though there are a few people he really doesn't like.  Frank Whittaker currently tops the list.

“Who wants to make a good impression on a humanoid magazine cover like that,” Mark snorted, and Sylvia choked back a snort of her own.  “I bet he spends his whole day practicing how to ask girls out in front of his bathroom mirror.  When he’s not applying an entire bottle of hair oil, that is.  I bet he wears aftershave just so he’ll smell older.”

~What are his quirks?

He's argumentative but good-natured, enjoys doing things he's been expressly told not to do (sisters aren't parents, after all, and Celia isn't the boss of him) but is generally trustworthy, has never broken a bone in any of the times he's taken a plunge off his bike and has memorized all the kings of Judah both in chronological order and in a personal list ranking them from Most Wicked to Least Wicked.

~What kinds of things get on his nerves?

People nagging him or telling him what to do, wearing a tie, wearing a suit, wearing a carnation in his buttonhole and being a groomsman.

~Is he independent, or needs others to help out?

I'm gonna let you decide that one for yourself, based on the other answers. :D


Melody said...

Waaait... I confused. How... ? I can't figure this searching Google with a picture thing you're talking about out. So I guess I'm even more ignorant. ;)

Hayden said...

ah! The opening quote is hilarious. I have a feeling I'm really going to love mark ;)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I think I changed my mind.... Mark is now probably my favorite. : D He reminds me of Rush from The Melendy books. Which is awesome. : )

AND I LOVE THAT PICTURE!!!! And you need to tell me and Melody how to look up pictures because I can't figure it out. If'n you please.


PS: The text I had to type to prove I wasn't a robot was "courchMe", which sounds like SOMETHING FAMILIAR. Don't know if you had anything to do with that.... ; )

Molly said...

I love Mark! He is so much, like Eowyn said, like Rush! :) Oh, I know how to search pictures! If you don't mind me telling. :P You right-click one the picture, and a box of choices should come up. Click on the choice that says search with Google. Another tab should pop up on your page telling either what website this is from or who the person is.
Note: this may only work with Google Chrome.

Alicia Showalter said...

I LOVE that quote about Frank Whittaker! That's SO funny!!
Yea, I agree Mark does sound a lot like Rush from the Melendy books - which is definitely a good thing! :D