Thursday, August 2, 2012

Beautiful People {Archive Edition}: Philippe

 Every time I write a story, I tell myself that I'm not going to play favorites on this go-round.  And every time, I find myself inexpressibly drawn to a certain character (or two).  Rodney and Lavinia tied in Only a Novel, Francie is becoming my new best friend in The Rochesters, Deirdre fascinates me no end in The Butterwick Boardinghouse Detectives, and now I'm beginning to favor Philippe over any other character in The Color of the Sky.  So I've fished another Beautiful People questionnaire out of the archives, and you're all probably tired of hearing me gush about how helpful these are, so I'll skip the advertisement and get to the Real Thing.

How old is he?

Philippe's about twenty-two or twenty-three.  I'm not exactly sure.

What does he do with his spare time?

This question bugs me.  I'm not quite sure Philippe has what you'd call spare time.  The fact is that at the beginning he's trying his hardest to fill his deceased father's shoes by running the manor house and bossing the laborers and arranging his sisters' futures.  Then SOMETHING happens and he's notably absent for a good part of the book, and while he's missing in action (cough, cough-- literally--cough) he's basically trying to stay alive.  So yeah... spare time?  What's that?

Does he see the big picture or live in the moment?

Philippe wants desperately to see the big picture, but he's not yet sure what that is.  He's stuck in the moment right now and though he'd never admit it to anyone, he has a gnawing fear that there's nothing beyond the moment. (Pardon my speaking in riddles... all will be revealed in good time.)

Is he a perfectionist?

You better believe it.

What does his handwriting look like? (round, slanted, curly, skinny, sloppy, neat, decorative, etc.)

Philippe doesn't write much.  I'm not sure if he even knows how.  I have to do a little more research about 13th-century literacy levels.
Ignore the suit, okay? It's hard finding medieval-
style photos that don't include armor, people.

Favorite animal?

Sometimes he's convinced all men are merely animals.

Does he/she have any pets?

Um, he has a horse.  Which he pets.  Occasionally.

Does he have any siblings? How many? Where does he fit in?

Philippe has two younger sisters, Margot and Fina.  He had three brothers and another sister, as well, but three of them died as infants and one as a toddler.  As for fitting in-- he doesn't.  Margot and Fina have a special relationship into which he's not invited, and just between you and me, that hurts him a little.  Not that he has time for that kind of nonsense of course, but still... he'd probably kill me if he knew I was telling you this, so I'll stop.  And I realize that I probably interpreted the last question a little differently than I was supposed to, but what are rules for if you can't bend them occasionally?  (Don't let Philippe hear me say that either, or I'd be the one getting booted off to a convent.)

Does he have a 'life verse' and if so what is it?

That.  Would be telling.  So I won't.

Favorite writing utensil?

Can we change this to "favorite eating utensil" so that I can respond with "his fingers"?  Yay for medieval table manners.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, I recognize those eyes.... ;)

Kathryn said...

This is great! I still have to get Only a Novel to read, but I did read the sample part of it on Amazon. That intrigued me so much that now I am very anxious to get it!
I think the medieval period is one of the most interesting periods of history, so The Color of the Sky sounds really interesting to me. And Philippe is a very interesting-sounding character.

Miss Dashwood said...

You do? Well, what a coincidence. Funny, too. I can't imagine where you might have seen them before.. ;)

I really hope you enjoy Only a Novel! :D
The medieval period has always fascinated me too, but I know so little about it-- I'm doing quite a bit of research for this new book and it's actually fun!

Anonymous said...

Man, I've only been following your blog for over a month now, so I had no idea that The Color of the Sky was medieval! I started a novel set in the medieval period, because that time has always fascinated me, but we'll just say that that time period is HARD to write! There is a TON of research involved for that. I mean, everything needs researched - including names! And I had just completed a couple drafts of my last novel set in France during the 1680's (which was a hard time period), so I was in the mood for an easier book. Therefore, I set the medieval book aside to pen an easier novel. :-) But I do mean to go back and finish it someday; I had a decent plotline for it.

But yes, I have a folder with tons of medieval related sites in it! Best wishes for your novel, Miss Dashwood, and sorry for my rambling - alas, I'm getting bad at that! The Color of the Sky sounds wonderful, and I hope your research goes smoothly for you!

-From one writer to another,


Treskie said...


lol your character looks and sounds awesome. :)

Molly said...

Yay! It's William!