Saturday, August 18, 2012

1,000 Daily Challenge: Day Six

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent.
~Victor Hugo

During this week, I've listened to an awful lot of music.  Instrumental pieces, especially movie soundtracks, really help to get my creative juices flowing.  (Why is it called creative juice?  Juice is not particularly creative.  Why not creative Hawaiian punch?  Now that's creative.  Disgusting, but creative.)

You can see my generalized writing playlist here.  I'm working on compiling specific, customized playlists for each of my WIPs, but they're not finished yet.  So this week I just listened to that one and skipped the songs that didn't fit the mood of what I was writing.  Some of my favorites for Sky include Victoria and Albert (#27 on playlist), I've Seen Hell (#32),  Braveheart End Credits (#37), The Riders of Rohan (#39), Memories Can Weigh You Down (#43), Return of the Lion (#48) and Tara's Theme (#59).

What do you like to listen to when you write?

Snippets from today's work (all written while listening to the above songs)...

Margot couldn’t help but complain inwardly that Mother had never made a mistake in directing the servants the whole time the men were gone. Yet as soon as Philippe came back, everyone suddenly snapped to attention and bowed and scraped and scuttled out of his way, giving him far more respect than Mother had ever commanded.
But of course Mother hadn’t commanded anyone’s respect, whereas Philippe snapped his fingers and respect dropped into his lap.

“They’ll get out. They’re probably out already. Philippe’s rounding up the men from the village and they’ll capture all those idiotic bandits before the hour’s out. You’ll see.” Speaking firmly gave Margot a strength she did not feel.

Her hand was trembling as she pounded on the door. How odd—she hadn’t noticed that until now. Her other hand was shaking as well. In fact, her whole body was trembling. Perhaps it was an effect of the smoke.

“Perhaps they’re fighting the fire,” said Fina hopefully.
Margot held her breath, willing that gesture to somehow quell the nauseous dread rising up in her. “I’ve seen no one going to fight the fire, Fina. The road is empty.”

So how did you do this week?  My total is 7, 158 words.  For a girl who's been averaging 300-500 words a week until now, I call that good progress...  

...but that doesn't mean I'm doing it again next week.  


Melody said...

Whatever happened to Plot Heffalump, by the bye?

Good job on the 7000+ words, dearest! :D

Oh, I saw a wall hanging the other day that said "Music is what feelings sound like." I liked that. :D

Kathryn said...

What music do I listen to while I write? Um, the playlist from my blog and the playlist from your blog after I have been writing for four hours straight and the music from my blog is getting old. Hope you don't mind! :)