Friday, August 10, 2012

The Challenge

I love this quote... but find it difficult to look at this piece of inspiration
without cringing at the omitted apostrophe.  ARGHHHHH.

I read inspirational writing blogs.  I write a few inspirational posts of my own.  I read lots of books.  I drink tea.  I read more books.  I collect writing quotes.  I scribble ideas in a notebook.  I stick my nose back into my books.  

And I get, oh, maybe a thousand words written.

Per week.


And that's why I'm challenging myself next week.  On Monday, August 13th, I will write one thousand words.  Or more, if possible.  On Tuesday, August 14th, I will write one thousand words.  Or more.  On Wednesday I will do the same.  You get the idea.  I'll continue through Saturday, and each day I'll blog about my progress and share a couple of snippets.  It's motivating, you know.  Motivating to know that thirty of you will be holding me accountable.  (You ladies are amazing, by the way.)

Writer's block, prepare to meet thy doom on the sword of Sabrina Starr.

P.S. Does anyone want to join me?  Leave a link in the comments? Six thousand words next week--will you do it?


An Old-Fashioned Girl said...

Okay, I'm up for it! Good luck on your progress!

Miss Melody Muffin said...

Yay for Amy!!! I'll be following your progress!!

I'd love to join you but first I have to find out what is planned for next week's schedule. We might have to start canning. ): Don't get me wrong, I love harvest season and canning most of the time! It's just that in all this heat, canning DOES NOT sound very attractive!

Anyway, I'll let you know for sure whether I can join you or not!

Melody said...

Did you just say Sabrina Starr?

*starts laughing and coughs to cover it up*

Um. Anyways. If you shall have something to send *me* at the end of the week, that would be cool. Heh. Heh, heh. ;) Anyway, good luck! :D

I had to laugh at your caption to that picture thingy... it was so you. Heehee. Speaking of which, your "gentlemen" correction on the sidebar of YAPDB always MMG too...

Anne-girl said...

I'm in! Only it won't all be on the same thing if that's OK

Miss Woodhouse said...

I'll be sure to read all the posts you will be writing and I'm going to try to write 1,000 a day. I might not be able to every single day but I'll give it my best shot. BTW, I don't have a title for my novel yet and I'm already 16,000 words into it. Any tips for thinking up a name? How do you do it?

Jessica said...

YAY!!!! I was just thinking I should do this!!!! WE ARE ON!!!!! YAY WORDS GLORIOUS WORDS HOW I LOVE YOU!!!!


Miss Melody Muffin said...

I won't be able to commit to 1,000 words a day. But, I am going to work on accomplishing one thing every day on my Three Kyngdoms story. A scene written, a valley sketched out, a character fleshed out, a castle created, etc. So, I'll sort of be doing the challenge, it just won't be the same.

Miss Woodhouse said...

So I just finished up my thousand for today. How did you do? *ominous stare*

My word count is 17,000 words. Whew!